Interview with Dustin from Big Brother 8

96379_d001.jpgToday I had the opportunity to talk with Dustin, the 22 year old shoe salesman and former boyfriend of fellow houseguests Joe from Chicago IL. It looks like another pawn ended up being sent packing. Dustin will be the first member of the Big Brother 8 jury and now being sequestered until the end of the show.

Q. Mark ( What did it feel like once you knew you were going to be part of the cast?
A. Dustin: I had mixed feelings once I was kidnapped for the show, but excitement; absolutely.

Q. Mark ( Big Brother is in its eighth season, have you watched previous seasons? If so what was your favorite? Who is your favorite Houseguest(s) from any of the prior seasons?

A. Dustin: Honestly, I hadn’t seen much of the show. I was familiar with the concept and had seen a few episodes of seasons six and seven, but nothing of note.

Q. Mark: Who did you feel closest to in the house and why?
A. Dustin: I felt closest with Amber from day one. She was the only person in the house who was warming, welcoming, and open to the other three houseguests. Amber and I hit it off with our sarcastic sense of humor and our giggly personalities. She is a very consistently caring and generous person, we both had a lot to learn from each other.

Q. Mark ( Who did you try and stay away from in the house?
A. Dustin: I was never that close with Jen at all. She is a very cold and surface person. She has a very strong guard up and I was not about to try to penetrate that at all.

Q. Mark ( What was it like to be in the house with Evel Dick, he really seemed to run the house for quite sometime.
A. Dustin: You know, it was standing up to him and his scare tactics that inevitably lead to my demise in the house. I did not appreciate his strategy of scaring others into respect in the house. There is a huge difference between fear and respect, if respect is what he was looking for in the end, he did, and will not get it.

Q. Mark ( If we are talking things went terribly wrong and another pawn was eliminated. What do you think happened?
A. Dustin: I think that the alliance between Eric and Jen grew stronger in his week after being nominated and with her being putty in his hands, she voted the way he wanted her to.

96379_d002.jpgQ. Mark ( Let’s talk about Joe. Will you guys talk after this is over? Will you forgive him for airing dirty laundry to millions of Americans?
A: Dustin:I left Joe a year ago and being on this show will not change that. And for the record, he only aired his dirty laundry; I’m clean.

Q. Mark ( If you could go back and start over, would you do anything differently?
A. Dustin: I wouldn’t offer myself as a pawn.

Q. Mark ( What’s you best guess for the final two houseguests will will be the last two standing? Which two would you like to see in the finals, and who do you think will win? Who would you really like to see win?
A. Dustin: I think that Daniele is a strong player in this game and so is Eric. If the two of them team up, they can go far. I would like to see Amber or Jameka win, but who knows where their game is at.

Q. Mark ( Any final thoughts for your fans?
A. Dustin: Never be overconfident. Never go up as a pawn.

Q. Mark ( Any suggestions for future Big brother houseguests?
A. Dustin: Never be overconfident. Never go up as a pawn. Trust no one.

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