Big Brother 8 recap Thursday Aug 16 2007 Dustin Sent Packing

96212_d1896b.jpgBy Todd Grove
It’s Thursday night in the BB house and with Dick and Dustin on the block after Dick used the POV to save his daughter, anything can happen with the votes, as the house seems equally divided between Dick and Dustin.

Eric, America’s player, trying to complete his next assignment, has been working on Jess to get her to work on getting out Dustin. He tells her about an earlier conversation with Dick where Dick told Eric if he kept him in the game that neither him nor Danielle would vote to put Eric or Jess on the block. Eric then tells Jess about a new 4 person alliance with him, Jess, Danielle and Dick but they have to get Dustin out. Later, Jess has dinner with Zach who says he will vote “whatever way you want” to her.

In HOH room, Julie asks Jess who she trusts most in the late night crew and she says Jam and Eric Because “They have been honest with me 100% of the time I have been here. Julie then said a lot of viewers have been wondering if Jess has romantic feelings for Eric.” Julie: Do you”? Jess:” I have a great time with Eric, maybe when we get out of the house, but now I’m staying focused on the game”

As the hg’s prepare to vote here are there thought from the diary room…

Amber says she is voting out Dick
Dani states she can’t stand Dustin
Zach states both Dustin and Dick need to go
Jen states it is a “win win” and she can finally vote for someone she wants to leave
Eric states he is upping the odds this week
Jameka says she wants to see the back of Evel’s head has he walks out the door

Live vote results


By a vote of 4-2 Dustin is evicted from the Big Brother house and will be the first houseguest on the jury that will decide the winner of BB8.

HOH comp

During the last 24 hours, the houseguests have been getting clues from visitors in the BB house, a pirate on stilts, a barbershop quartet , 3 white rabbits with cards around there necks, a living statue, and the mad hatter. All of these clues pertain to answers for this weeks HOH. And after just 3 rounds, Dani is the new HOH.

Big Brother airs 3 times a week on CBS-
Sunday at 8, Tuesday at 9 and the live eviction show hosted by Julie Chen Thursdays at 8

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