Interview with Dick Donato - Live From The Big Brother 8 Finale.

l_d37d3638a13ff99d87bfe941af015992.jpgBig Brother 8 has come to a close and CBS is already taking applications for season 9. Last week I got the chance to attend the live Big Brother 8 finale, head into the backyard and interview the cast. Below is my chat with the Big Brother 8 winner Dick Donato. There is also a video clip below of Dick talking to Real Networks I shot with my digital cam while waiting for the interview.

Q. Mark – Great to finally meet you, and congratulations on winning Big Brother 8. I have been talking with Nick, Kail and Carol over the past few weeks. Are you ready to head out of here?

A. Dick Donato Big Brother 8– Yeah, I think were all ready to walk out that back door.

Q. Mark – I heard you talking with Real Networks about how you and Danielle had applied to prior seasons of Big Brother, I assume you watched past seasons?

A. Dick Donato Big Brother 8 – We both watched Big Brother since season one.

Q. Mark – Which of the past houseguests stand out the most?

A. Dick Donato Big Brother 8 – Will, I admired the entire time. I admired Will and Will’s game play, but I knew coming in to the game I could not play like Will. Will played in different ways than I did and didn’t go on personal attacks. I enjoyed watching Will more than anyone. I always said my favorite player was Will and he almost won All Stars. I’m not Will so I played a different game a very different way.

Q. Mark – So, you really tore people apart on the show. Was this game play or did we see the real you?

A. Dick Donato Big Brother 8 – Calling people out and into a confrontation is me and. it worked well for me in the house. In one way or another it hit everyone in the house. I think it’s very funny that the vote was 5 – 2. So after I took the hearts out of five of the houseguests and stomped on them they still voted for me, it’s a trip!

Q. Mark – We know you had fun ripping on your houseguests, was there anyone in particular you had the most fun with?

A. Dick Donato Big Brother 8 – Ha ha, wow, are you kidding me I totally had fun with it. Watching Jens meltdown was one of the highlights of my summer. Banging pots and pots over Dustin head…..(laughing)….come on that ruled!

Q. Mark – If you were called in for a Big Brother All Star would you do it?

A. Dick Donato Big Brother 8 – If it’s six years from now and I am 50 years old these competitions would kill me since I’m already 44. But like most of us I tend to forget the bad and only recall the good, so if it came down to it I would probably do it.

Q. Mark – Ok, I know I am the last interview of the night and you want to get out of here since I see the backyard gate about to close. Talk to me about Eric and America’s Player

A. Dick Donato Big Brother 8 – I need to figure out what the hell happened. The biggest thing is America giving him the votes to keep me in, wow! I thought I had the biggest game play in the history of this game and it was America helping me, I had no idea.

Mark – Well that’s about it for now I’ll try and catch up with you in a couple of weeks once the dust settles and you have had a chance to review all the prior shows. I think I see a limo waiting outside for ya.

Dick Donato Big Brother 8 – Right on man, talk to you then.


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