Interview with Ralph Harris from Last Comic Standing

m_7e4bfd0cbd83737092803c56868e15ca.jpgLast week I had the opportunity to chat with Ralph Harris from this season’s Last Comic Standing. Ralph talked about who influenced him to do comedy and who he feels will win Last Comic Standing.

Q. Mark ( Thanks for taking the time to talk with us this morning. How have the interviews been so far? Are you tired of the same questions?

A. Ralph Harris (Last Comic Standing): They have been good, man I just got home from Atlanta and so far I have had about 19 – 20 interviews.

Q. Mark: Tell us about how you got your start in comedy?

A. Ralph Harris (Last Comic Standing): My mom was always a great story teller and I knew when I got out of my shell I wanted to be like Mom.
I would listen to comics like Redd Fox and Richard Pryor when I was younger but once I saw Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live, I realized I didn’t need to be as old as Redd Fox and Richard Pryor to get into comedy. I started my routines and haven’t looked back since 1985.

Q. Mark ( I know you spoke a bit about comedians that you listened to when you were younger but I have been asking all the comics which comedians were their biggest inspirations?

A. Ralph Harris (Last Comic Standing): Eddie Murphy was the catalyst for my comedy career. I saw him live once and told myself: one day I will be where he was and three years later I was doing stand up in the same place.

Q. Mark ( What prompted you to try out for LCS and had you wanted to be on the show since the first season?

A. Ralph Harris (Last Comic Standing): I caught prior episodes here and there and liked what I saw, but I am not a big fan of competitions in which people have to vote for a favorite. Not to mention what the voting can do to your psyche. I think I have an older fan base and many fans may TIVO the show and after they watch it the voting lines are closed.

Mark ( That’s a great point. I have plans each Wednesday night and record Last Comic Standing. I am a big fan of the show but usually I cannot vote since I watch LCS on Thursdays.

Ralph Harris (Last Comic Standing): I am sure that can influence some of the votes but moving onto why I tried out for the show. My manager has been trying to talk me into doing the show for the past two years. At the end of last year my manager told me he wanted to re visit the idea with me again. He wanted me to be a household name and wanted more exposure.

Q. Mark ( Are you glad you did it?

A. Ralph Harris (Last Comic Standing): I am totally happy I did it. I had 8 million people watch me last week, you can’t beat that viewership and it only gets better. Imagine how many comedy clubs I would need to hit in order to reach 8 million people!

Q. Mark ( What does Ralph do in his spare time?

A. Ralph Harris (Last Comic Standing): Right now I am working on putting together a one man live Broadway show. I want to show fans all of my characters and their backgrounds. Such as my drunk uncle, there was a reason he became that way.

Q. Mark ( Predictions on a winner?

A. Ralph Harris (Last Comic Standing): I think Gerry Dee has a strong chance to win but then there is Lavell, who will give Gerry a run for his money and may just clinch the win. John Reep is the dark horse and is picking up steam, it’s anyone’s game.

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