Exclusive Interview With Tommy Le Noir, Host of Spike TV’s MURDER

I had the opportunity to sit down one on one with detective Tommy Le Noir, host of SPIKE TV’s new reality show “Murder”. Detective Tommy Le Noir, a 27-year Arlington, Texas decorated law enforcement veteran who is responsible for multiple capital murder convictions. Each episode of MURDER begins with Detective Le Noir escorting two groups of civilians into an exact replica crime scene pulled from the files of a solved homicide case. I would like to thank Tommy and Spike TV for the interview opportunity.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com): How did you get involved with Spike TV’s MURDER?

A. Tommy Le Noir: Bunim Murray called me, showed me a premier of the show and asked me to audition. We had a couple of conference calls and later I was contacted by the producer Kevin letting me know I was one of the finalists. Spike TV contacted me later letting me know that they wanted me for the show.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com): I assume this is not your first time on TV, but is this your first time hosting a show?

A. Tommy Le Noir: I have done TV spots in the past, so I feel comfortable in front of the camera, but I had never hosted a show. I have been in front of the camera since the 80’s and have done talk shows, documentaries and press talks. You have to enjoy entertaining yet at the same time be humble and confident. With the type of work I do I am constantly teaching and lecturing new detectives, so the foundation was already there so it is pretty natural.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com): What is it like to host a show?

untitled-2.jpgA. Tommy Le Noir: It is a lot of fun. I enjoy hosting because it is the best of both worlds. Credibility is first and foremost especially on a show like this. The ability to communicate and articulate is important and you have to do it without coming across as a bad ass without a purpose. I have been getting a lot of feedback from the cast members and they are saying that they have a new appreciation for homicide detectives and realize what a difficult task it is. It’s not about having an ego, it’s about finding the truth.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com): Is the show similar to what you would expect to find in the real world?

A. Tommy Le Noir: Yes, it is a real taste of what it is like in the real world and viewers will have the opportunity to see what we have to in order to solve a crime. Spike TV set the stage to take this serious and everyone is doing a great job.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com): We assume the teams had no prior experience, what can you tell us about the quality of their findings?

A. Tommy Le Noir: The teams demonstrated a sincere and intelligent passion for homicide work. The met my expectations. Of course they don’t have the years of experience so they will make mistakes. We expect that. The bar is set high and they are doing a great job meeting expectations. The cast has been great and I have received many emails saying they have a new appreciation for a homicide cop. They have learned new viewpoints and appreciated the bonding and butt chewing. They are working well as teams and seem to all get along. The problem of solving a murder isn’t hard, proving it is the hard part.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com): What was your best experience/memory about working on this project?

A. Tommy Le Noir: There is a misconception about forensics solving. Most people believe from the shows they watch that forensics solves all the murders. They do a great job but it is just one piece of the puzzle. Forensics is an important part but there is more to it. The homicide cop orchestrates everything, they help to balance everything. I have been a cop for 28 years, 26 as a detective, the rewards are great but the sacrifices are big too. I enjoy my work and enjoy teaching people, so this show has offered me the ability to teach new comers that are interested in becoming a detective.

untitled-1.jpgQ. Mark (RealityWanted.com): What other reality shows do you follow?

A. Tommy Le Noir: I don’t watch much TV but I like shows with a purpose such as Pro’s vs Joe’s. I don’t like shows that promote dysfunctional drama. I like shows with a human purpose that have goals and tasks.

Q. Mark (RealityWanted.com): Anything we missed or you want to add for the fans/viewers?

A. Tommy Le Noir: My biggest fear is that I want people not to think I am some bad ass cop. I want people to know I am sincere and this is how I would act in the real world.

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