Interview with Olivia Lee host of Fox Realitys Battle of the Bods


Today we had the opportunity to speak with Olivia Lee host of Fox’s Battle of the Bods. Olivia Lee a comedian from the UK (Punk’d, Balls of Steel, The Law of the Playground, Unanimous, Homo Erectus) will host Battle of the Bods appearing on January 19th 2008.

Q. Jason, ( So how did you end up getting the spot as a host for the show?

A. Olivia Lee, (Battle of the Bods): I met the producer and he was a big fan of my work. He ended up sending my agent an email and I applied to be the host. I have never hosted a game show like this so I was pretty excited.

Q. Jason: So how was it being the host? Did it meet your expectations?

A. Olivia Lee, (Battle of the Bods): I was really excited to learn what men really think about women. Guys that tell you that your “bum” isn’t big are lying to you. They seem to like girls with large boobs and small bums. Every show had different drama so it made for an interesting game show.

Q. Jason, ( What makes this show different from other reality shows?

A. Olivia Lee, (Battle of the Bods): It gives women a chance to work as a team together. The girls on this show were very brave, there was a lot of ego and that can sometimes get in the way but the girls that were honest ended up doing well. The show was a great social experiment.

Q. Jason, ( What were the keys to winning?

A. Olivia Lee, (Battle of the Bods): The girls all wanted to be number one but the ones that worked together as a team, put their ego away, and were honest ended up doing well.

Q. Jason, ( Do you watch much Reality TV? What are your favorite shows?

A. Olivia Lee, (Battle of the Bods): I like Big Brother UK and also Joe Millionaire.

Q. Jason, ( So what’s next for you? Any new projects you are working on?

A. Olivia Lee, (Battle of the Bods): I am about to film a pilot in the US and just filmed a comedy show in the UK.

Q. Jason, ( Do you have a website where fans can contact you and see what’s new with you?

A. Olivia Lee (Battle of the Bods): Yes, my website is

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